Shannan Leigh Reeve
Shannan is Represented across the board with Fred R. Price Talent Agency

PENUMBRA,The first feature film from Beleeve Entertainment
Is now Available on Amazon Video!!! 

 SPEED DATE is an official selection at the Newport Beach Film Festival 4/20-27/2017
And A Gold Remi Award Winner at WorldFest Houston Film Festival



 Demo Reel/ Clips

“Shannan is curious, entrepreneurial and self motivated...she wants to learn about many things, embrace many things, be a generalist as well as a specialist.”

Being the daughter of a Marine taught her self-discipline and perseverance, while simultaneously giving her the greatest acting lessons possible. Shannan got to grow up totally immersed in different cultures and worlds and as such she slides seamlessly in and out of characters. 

Shannan is known for being a “chameleon,” and a “Jill of all Trades.” She has performed globally acting, singing and doing stunts. She is told time and time again that her commitment to her work and her word makes her stand out in a crowd.

picture (c) Kerry Krenzin