Shannan Leigh Reeve

PENUMBRA,The first feature film from Beleeve Entertainment
Starring Shannan Leigh Reeve & Chelese Belmont, is out of Post Production, 
and has been submitted to festivals for consideration! 

 Shannan wrapped on ENTANGLED WITH YOU! All 3 seasons are available on youtube! 



 Demo Reel/ Clips

Shannan is a passionate and professional actress always ready for action and adventure, emotional and gut-wrenching, or straight up improv and comedy! 

Being the daughter of a Marine taught her self-discipline and perseverance, while simultaneously giving her the greatest acting lessons possible. Shannan got to grow up totally immersed in different cultures and worlds. 

Shannan is known for being a “chameleon,” and a “Jill of all Trades.” She has performed globally acting, singing and doing stunts. A great person to work with; Shannan is known for giving 110% on every set.